Your safety is our priority. You will find our logistic measures and greeting staff perfectly ready to ensure a safe and gracious unfolding of this event. Please find below the instructions to follow and plan accordingly.  We are grateful for your cooperation! Upon entry to the courtyard everyone will be screened. Body and bag search will be made within the control areas. Anybody declining to proceed will be denied access to the show. Should you notice any suspicious element or behavior, please notify promptly one of the many security agents, policemen, or volunteers.


Forbidden objects list:

For your information, note that it is forbidden to bring “any object that could be used as a projectile, could be a weapon or could endanger public safety” such as:

  • – knives,
  • – sharp objects,
  • – tools,
  • – glass objects (bottles, glasses),
  • – poles,
  • – metal boxes,
  • – plastic bottles of more than 0.5 liter.
  • – Smoke bombs (sparklers, torches and candles, Bengal fires, firecrackers, smoke flares, rockets)
  • – No animal will be allowed on the premices.

« Anyone who will not comply with these rules will be punishable by a fine”, indicates the document drawn collaboratively with the Ministry of the Interior and Homeland Security Ministry.